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Nº1 Surf Traction


Groovy Grooves:

The grippiest and least abrasive surf traction that won’t tear you up like wax.

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  • 2 Pieces
  • Kick: High (30mm)
  • Kick Angle: 55º
  • Arch: Flat
  • 3M Adhesive

L: 320mm x W: 305mm

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Easy Returns

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Industry Leading Warranty

5 year industry leading warranty.


Protect the planet, It’s symplº

The Grippiest & Least Abrasive Traction

On your next board.

Eco-Good™️ Biodegradable Foam.

All our pads are ECO-GOOD™️
and will breakdown in landfill.
(microbe-rich environment)

Sleek Design

Designed, Tested and Approved by the Sympl Surf Team.

Groovy Grooves, Anti-Rash.

The grippiest and least abrasive traction that won’t tear you up like wax/ no wax rash.


2 pcs. – No Arch – High Kick Ultra Thin & Ultra Light. Available in Black, White, Black & Maroon.

Good for your surfing, Good for the environment.

Made with Eco-Good™️ Biodegradable Foam.

Maximum on Grip, Mellow on Rash.

Anti-rash grip for form-fitted performance.

The ECO-GOOD™️ Process